Fire Escapes Fire Escapes and more Fire Escapes


Today I wanted to share a Fire Escape story with you.  Fire escapes are not only important for the safety of your tenants but also play a big role on the outlook of your buildings   Once we were painting fire escapes of a building in down town Manhattan, a very small job.  Our crew was experienced and did a top notch job.  The neighboring building also shared one of the fire escapes and thus we offered them our proposal.  They seemed reluctant at the beginning but hired us eventually to paint their fire escapes as well.  The management owner was so impressed by USA Construction & Painting Inc.’s work that we ended up painting fire escapes of 20 of his buildings.  When the new Management found out that we were a general contractor and  worked on all kinds of exterior restoration projects,  since then we have been hired as their permanent contractor for all of their exterior projects.  From that day onward our motto has been no job is too small, if the work is done well it might end up to be the biggest job ever!

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