Hiring a Qualified NY Contractor with required Licenses


USA Construction  & Painting Inc. has often been hired for projects that other contractors have left in the middle.  DOB has recently been very strict regarding the building repairs being performed in NYC.  Permits, Licenses, Side Walk Bridges, Safety Standards and Insurances are now a must.  Sometimes owners hire small contractors whole lack a few of the above, towards the middle of the project they are sometimes ticketed by DOB.  After a stop work order is issued the projects can no longer progress until the issue is resolved.  If the contractor is not experienced or qualified they might leave the project in the middle or take too long to get the issue resolved.  In either cases, the building owners often pay out extra money out of their pockets in such cases; never to mention all the trouble they go through to hire a new contractor.

So always make sure that you have a NY Special Rigger Licensed Contractor, USA Construction & Painting Inc., hired for your projects.  We always ask for our last payment after making sure that all tickets of the building have been take care of.

Be assured that licenses are not only required to complete a job successfuly but they also ensure that the job is being done by a qualified contractor.  If you happen to hire a contractor with out the proper  safety training and God Forbid some gets hurt, your Insurance company would not cover the damge.  You can always confirm a contractor’s information at NYC’s DOB site.


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