Never be fooled by change of order! Always ask for a detailed estimate


You might be surprised to find out that what most of the bidders do out there is very briefly explain the problem and offer a low project cost.  Once their bid is accepted and they start the work, towards the middle of the project they would inform the management that their is additional work that needs immediate attention.  Offcourse that work was obviously needed in the first place but they intentionally did not mention it.  Now that they have already been hired and have all the licenses and permits, they know that it is now the owner’s necessity to get the job completed by the same contractor.  Taking advantage of the situation, they charge very high costs on the additional work.  Often times the additional costs end up to be higher then the original cost of the project.

So remember, exterior restoration in NY is not that complicated.  Always ask your contractors to offer a scope of work with complete details of the problem and the solution being offered.  After all you have the right to know what you are paying for.  Hire multiple contractors to offer bids for your project.  Compare all the costs and the scope of work,  this would definitely save you thousands of dollars.


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