Exterior Restoration Work

USA Construction & Painting Inc.’s Exterior Restoration Services in NY:

Over time and due to weather elements the exterior façade of the buildings in NYC get damaged and deteriorated.  Exterior restoration work needs immediate attention when it damages building aesthetics, causes leaks, is hazardous to tenants or NYC pedestrians or leads to DOB issuing violations at the property.  In all cases USA Construction & Painting Inc. is there to help you with all kinds of exterior restoration needs.

Following is a brief list of Exterior Restoration Works that we, as a general contractor, have been performing in NYC:

  • Landmark Buildings Preservation Work
  • Stone Restoration Work
  • Parapet Walls
  • CMU Block Walls
  • Coping Stone Work
  • Brick Replacement
  • Brick Pointing
  • Power Wash
  • Stucco Work
  • Fire Escapes Work
  • Exterior Painting
  • Window Sills & Lintels

USA Construction & Painting Inc – a Qualified Exterior Restoration Contractor in NY

In all the above process DOB of NYC requires the public safety as number one concern.  USA Construction & Painting Inc. has rigging licenses and is qualified to work in NY, we always obtains all necessary permits and insurances required to perform exterior restoration jobs in NYC.  Our Crew is trained and Licensed by OSHA and we provide a safe clean environment for our projects.  Side walk sheds and scaffolding are erected and maintained under experienced, professional and qualified supervisors to support our crew and provide public safety.  Our restoration crew uses its fine skills and always considers compliance, damage and building aesthetics while working on your projects.

USA Construction & Painting Inc. offers free detailed estimates, and offers on-site analysis and recommendations for your exterior restoration projects.  An accurate diagnosis of the problem lets us establish the cause and recommend cost effective remedies.  Using state of the art procedures, our prices are always competitive and we further warranty our jobs.  We only use quality material and reliable craftsmanship for a successful project completion to achieve our customer’s satisfaction.

USA Construction & Painting Inc. has successfully completed a number of exterior restoration projects in NY, including commercial (motels, hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, apartment buildings and high-profile landmark buildings) and residential projects. Our committed crew offers experience and expertise in all types of exterior masonry restoration projects utilizing the finest craftsmanship.