Local Law 11

Commercially Issued Violation Removal Work & Local Law 11 Compliance:

Hoffmann Architects explains Local Law 11 as “Prompted by the death of a Barnard College student struck by falling masonry, Local Law 10 of 1980 instituted periodic (every 5 years) inspections of street-facing exterior walls. In 1998, Local Law 11 tightened regulations to include all faces of buildings six or more stories. In 2008, the City of New York adopted rule amendments that made further changes to the facade inspection process. Staggered filing cycles aim to better negotiate the 12,500 buildings covered by the law, with more stringent reporting rules to further improve public safety.”

12,000 commercial and residential buildings in New York City approximately fall under the auspices of Local Law 11 compliance, Epstein says. Throughout the course of one cycle, the total costs associated with Local Law 11 work done citywide, he says, is in the neighborhood of about $10 billion dollars.  He advises that “one should proceed with due diligence in arranging for the inspection and the needed repairs at the earliest possible time. Delay will inevitably result in increased costs.”

Some examples of typical unsafe conditions which lead to Local Law 11 violations include: bulged masonry, loose or cracked brickwork, leaning parapets, damaged concrete, cracked or broken windows and their glass, improperly secured air conditioning units, and any loose material, such as metal, wood, debris, planters etc.

USA Construction & Painting Inc. has worked with number renowned engineering firms (e.g. Epstein Engineering) in successfully completing its Local Law 11 compliance projects and violation removals for Real Estate Managements in NYC.  USA Construction & Painting Inc. works professionally to correct the problem accurately, and our expeditors work with NY City’s ECB, Environmental Control Board, to get these violations resolved.

Due to our knowledge and experience in Local Law 11 compliance, whenever we work on any exterior restoration projects we always recommend our customers to get their additional small exterior repairs done at low costs in one go to avoid City’s potential violations.  We keep our customers one step ahead of the law to avoid large costs from incurring in future due to commercially issued violations in NY.